Faculty Policy Information

Registration Office   

Continuing Studies has a mission of offering open-enrollment classes to the general community.  Adult students enjoy the benefit of being granted Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by Maine College of Art for the successful completion of one of our adult programs.  Youth students may apply their Continuing Studies experience(s) towards admission to post-secondary institutions or other educational endeavors.  In the Continuing Studies Registration office our goal is to record, maintain and generate the documentation for our students so that they may apply their Continuing Studies efforts in their lives. 


In order to serve our student to the best of our ability, Maine College of Art asks all Continuing Studies faculty members to abide by the following:


First Day of Class

1.     Faculty members are issued an information packet the day before the class is to begin. Packets will be available in the mailbox outside the Continuing Studies office. Enclosed is an attendance sheet, a grade sheet and course evaluation forms. Please pick up your packet prior to the first class.


2.     Please report any students who are not present in the class, but are listed on the attendance and grade sheets to the Continuing Studies Registrar at cstudy@meca.edu following the first class meeting.


3.     Please do not accept students into your class that are not registered with the College (not on the attendance or grade sheet).  Un-registered students represent a liability to Maine College of Art and must contact the Continuing Studies Registration Office to register (cstudy@meca.edu or 207-699-5061).



1.     Please track attendance of students on the provided attendance sheet. This sheet also includes contact information and space for you to make notes regarding your students as necessary throughout the duration of the course.


  The department of Continuing Studies issues grades through a Pass/Fail system.  Please use the grade sheets provided with your course packet to record student grades, using the following point system.




C or better


Did not complete course

Unofficially withdrew or stopped attending





The Continuing Studies Registration Office would like to thank you in advance for your assistance.  Your help will ensure that we are able to provide our students with accurate and expedient services regarding the Continuing Studies experience.  We look forward to working with you, and as always, if you have any questions please contact us at cstudy@meca.edu or 207-699-5061.